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AlgoKit Task Analyze

The analyze task is a command-line utility that analyzes TEAL programs for common vulnerabilities using Tealer integration. It allows you to detect a range of common vulnerabilities in code written in TEAL. For full list of vulnerability detectors refer to Tealer documentation.


algokit task analyze INPUT_PATHS [OPTIONS]


  • INPUT_PATHS: Paths to the TEAL files or directories containing TEAL files to be analyzed. This argument is required.


  • -r, --recursive: Recursively search for all TEAL files within any provided directories.
  • --force: Force verification without the disclaimer confirmation prompt.
  • --diff: Exit with a non-zero code if differences are found between current and last reports.
  • -o, --output OUTPUT_PATH: Directory path where to store the reports of the static analysis.
  • -e, --exclude DETECTORS: Exclude specific vulnerabilities from the analysis. Supports multiple exclusions in a single run.


algokit task analyze ./contracts -r --exclude rekey-to --exclude missing-fee-check

This command will recursively analyze all TEAL files in the contracts directory and exclude the missing-fee-check vulnerability from the analysis.

Security considerations

This task uses tealer, a third-party tool, to suggest improvements for your TEAL programs, but remember to always test your smart contracts code, follow modern software engineering practices and use the guidelines for smart contract development. This should not be used as a substitute for an actual audit.