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We are looking for publications that demonstrate building dApps or smart contracts!
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Useful Resources

This page contains resources that don't necessarily have their own page or we don't provide comprehensive details on how to use them, but are interesting enough that we encourage you to check them out.

Smart Contract Examples

The algorand-devrel github repository is a great place to find working examples of larger ideas/platforms (e.g. AMM, mass NFT airdrop), to smaller demos of how to use new features made available within the AVM.

Algorand Developer Relations GitHub

ARCs: Algorand Requests for Comments

When it comes to standardising practises this is the place the be. Whether it's proposing a new data structure for common actions, or introducing a new process to achieve uniformity across platforms, this is the place to keep up to date and participate in discussions.

GitHub Repository

GitHub Discussions

PyTeal Course

New to Algorand Smart Contracts? Checkout this great series that guides you from setting up your environment for the first time to writing and debugging smart contracts on Algorand.

YouTube Playlist