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Section Index

The Get Details section contains explanations and how-tos for all Algorand features. Code examples are embedded throughout in each of the SDKs and command line interface tools.


Overview - Learn all about Algorand accounts, keys, wallets, and addresses.

Creation Methods - How to create standalone accounts, wallet-derived (kmd) accounts, or multisignature accounts.

Rekeying - Learn how to change the private spending key of an Algorand address.


Structure - A look at the underlying structure of the different types of transactions.

Signatures - How to authorize transactions with Single Signatures, Multisignatures, and Logic Signatures.

Offline signatures - How to authorize transactions without requiring an internet connection.

URI scheme - This URI specification represents a standardized way for applications and websites to send requests and information through deeplinks, QR codes, etc.

Transaction reference - A reference guide for each transaction Algorand supports.


Algorand Standard Assets Overview - Learn all about assets and how they are implemented on Algorand at layer-1.

Asset Parameters - The mutable and immutable properties of an asset.

Creating an Asset - Modifying an Asset - Receiving an Asset - Transferring an Asset - Freezing an Asset - Revoking an Asset - Destroying an Asset

Retrieving Asset Information - How to retrieve information about an asset.

Atomic transfers

Overview - What atomic transfers are and how they are they implemented on Algorand.

Step-by-Step Guide - Walkthrough an atomic transfer in the SDKs and goal.

Smart contracts and dApps

Build with Python - A detailed guide for implementing dApps in Python.

Smart Contract Overview - An overview of smart contracts and smart signatures.

Smart Contracts 🔷 - A detailed guide on smart contracts.

Smart Signatures - A detailed guide of smart signatures.

Interact with smart contracts - A detailed guide on interacting with smart contracts using the SDKs.

Interact with smart signatures - A detailed guide on interacting with smart signatures using the SDKs.

Smart contract debugging - Tools and methods for debugging TEAL code.

AVM - Overview of the Algorand Virtual Machine.

TEAL overview- An overview of the TEAL language.


Overview - Table containing all Algorand blockchain parameters.

Searching the Blockchain (Indexer V2)

Overview - How to use Indexer v2 functionality to efficiently query data on the blockchain.


Overview - Guide on using the wallet connect API.

Algorand State Proofs

Algorand State Proofs Overview - An overview of how state proofs are generated on Algorand.

How To Build An Algorand Light Client - With State Proofs- A guide on building a light client for Algorand State Proofs.

Algorand networks

Overview - List of all Algorand networks.

Algorand consensus

Overview - A high-level guide on the Algorand consensus protocol.

Useful Resources

Smart Contract Examples - Helpful for new and experienced developers.

Algorand Request for Comments - The place to go to read and discuss present and future standards.