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Account management

Account management is one of the core capabilities provided by AlgoKit Utils. It allows you to create mnemonic, idempotent KMD and environment variable injected accounts that can be used to sign transactions as well as representing a sender address at the same time.


Encapsulates a private key with convenience properties for address, signer and public_key.

There are various methods of obtaining an Account instance

  • get_account: Returns an Account instance with the private key loaded by convention based on the given name identifier:
  • from an environment variable containing a mnemonic {NAME}_MNEMONIC OR
  • loading the account from KMD ny name if it exists (LocalNet only) OR
  • creating the account in KMD with associated name (LocalNet only)

This allows you to have powerful code that will automatically create and fund an account by name locally and when deployed against TestNet/MainNet will automatically resolve from environment variables

  • Account.new_account: Returns a new Account using algosdk.account.generate_account()
  • Account(private_key): Load an existing account from a private key
  • Account(private_key, address): Load an existing account from a private key and address, useful for re-keyed accounts
  • get_account_from_mnemonic: Load an existing account from a mnemonic
  • get_dispenser_account: Gets a dispenser account that is funded by either:
  • Using the LocalNet default account (LocalNet only) OR
  • Loading an account from DISPENSER_MNEMONIC

If working with a LocalNet instance, there are some additional functions that rely on a KMD service being exposed:

  • create_kmd_wallet_account, get_kmd_wallet_account or get_or_create_kmd_wallet_account: These functions allow retrieving a KMD wallet account by name,
  • get_localnet_default_account: Gets default localnet account that is funded with algos