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Algorand has three public networks: MainNet, TestNet, and BetaNet. This section provides details about each of these networks that will help you validate the integrity of your connection to them.

Diagram of the relationship between the three public networks.

Algorand Public Networks

Each network page, contains the following information:

  • What's New (M, T, B)- An optional section where new features are highlighted with links to accompanying documentation.
  • Version (M, T, B) - The latest protocol software version. Should match goal -v or GET /versions build version.
  • Release Version (M, T, B) - A link to the official release notes where you can view all the latest changes.
  • Genesis ID (M, T, B) - A human-readable identifier for the network. This should not be used as a unique identifier.
  • Genesis Hash (M, T, B) - The unique identifier for the network, present in every transaction. Validate that your transactions match the network you plan to submit them to.
  • FeeSink Address (M, T, B) - Read more about special accounts here.
  • RewardsPool Address (M, T, B) - Read more about special accounts here.
  • Faucet (T, B) - Link to a faucet (TestNet and BetaNet only).